"Making a Difference through Dance"


Patriotism is the love and devotion for a country, however you can't love a country without loving the countrymen and countrywomen.

We don't always have to agree, but we must find common ground, we must empower each other, we must build bridges across our differences to pursue the common good.

(Cory Booker)

For us, Dancing is that bridge, to connect together and foster social cohesion amongst different ethnicities, gender, class, nationalities, age and disability groups.

The Dance Academy is a township-based academy which aims to curtail many of the societal challenges communities face like early teen pregnancies, substance abuse, obesity, low self-esteem, poverty and high unemployment rate to list a few.

We believe that the dance platform will contribute significantly towards the change we wish to see and build stronger and healthier communities .

Ballet Lessons

Hip-Hop Lessons

We train students on the various disciplines of Hip Hop dance, we teach them the culture and basic moves that exist within the Hip Hop framework.


Latin &Ballroom Lessons

We train students on a variety of dance genres like Salsa, Latin, Ballroom and Tango to mention a few.

Pricing Plans

Private Lessons

R50.00 per lesson

Group Lessons

R120.00 monthly


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